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Costa Rican Tours, Adventures, and Attractions.
There are endless things to do and see in Costa Rica, these are a few things you may want to look into when heading to Costa Rica.

Bungee Jumping

To make a "bungee jump" the participant ties one end of a "bungee cord" (a long rubber band) to his or her ankles, the other end to someplace high (the middle of a bridge will do) and dives off. The bungee cord checks the jumper's descent. He or she bounces in space, yo-yo fashion, until his friends on the bridge reel him in and the next jumper in line takes his or her place.Bungee jumping is the latest in a series of "Thrill Sports," activities like parachuting and tight rope walking, which are exciting because they kill you when something, over which you have no control, goes wrong.However, unless you've got a heart condition or back problems you should be able to bungee jump with no fear of injury. Jumps should always be supervised by a trained jump master who will check the equipment, making sure (1) it is up to international standards, and (2) the bungee cord is in good condition and shorter than the fall.Costa Rica's bungee jumping hot spot is the "viejo puente sobre el Rio Colorado," ("The Old Bridge over the Colorado"). If you think jumping off an old bridge is baby stuff, think again. The fall from bridge to terra firma is 300 feet. This is a long way to fall. You will have plenty of time to ask yourself, "Why did I do this?" before the bungee cord snatches you back to safety or not.Usually, jumps here are made with a one hundred foot bungee cord, which stretches to two hundred feet before it stops the jumpers fall.The Old Bridge is located about half an hour west of San Jose. Jumps are usually made Saturday and Sunday mornings, but groups can arrange for special jumping sessions.

Costa Rica Birding Tour

There is simply no better introduction to tropical birding than Costa Rica . Literally dozens of excellent birding areas (Birding Mini Site Guide at he button of this page) all within easy reach and cover 12 major life zones that shelter 800-plus species. On-the-spot lodges let you wake up to the dawn chorus every day. Don’t forget your binoculars! To optimize your experience, we highly recommend a guided group or a private guide. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, our birding guides are the best in the country .

Tropical Gardens

Splashes of fiery red and brilliant pink, sunny yellow and deep purple color Costa Rica's exuberant gardens. Many of the plants conserved in botanical and home gardens are native to Central America. Others have flourished here after plant lovers brought them from other tropical regions. Richly scented and pollinated by hummingbird, bats, and even bees, Costa Rica’s plants are a feast for the senses. amateur and expert gardeners can go on tours of the country’s most luxuriant gardens, accompanied by an expert naturalist guide.

Scuba Diving

Warm, plankton-rich waters along Costa Rica's Pacific coast harbor an abundance and variety of underwater life that is unequalled in few other places. Huge schools of fish, eels, rays, sharks, turtles, dolphins and whales, as well as thousands of smaller, brightly colored tropical fish are common sights. Internationally licensed PADI dive masters operate tours year round in all of Costa Rica's major dive areas.

Rain Forest Expeditions

Once perceived as dangerous and inaccessible wilderness blocking the way to development, tropical rainforests are now recognized as the world's greatest repositories of biodiversity and irreplaceable filters of the air we breathe. Today's imperiled rainforests attract travelers seeking to understand, and in some way, help ensure their preservation. From sultry Caribbean lowlands to cool and misty cloud forests, we take people of all ages and all physical conditions deep into tropical forests. Experienced guides explain the varied eco-systems these forests harbor, and are experts at spotting birds, monkeys, sloths and other animals



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